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European Book Cultures - Diversity as a Challenge | Stephanie Kurschus | Springer

Stephanie Kurschus analyses the idea of a common "European" book culture that integrates the book market as an essential aspect and employs book promotion as balancing instrument. Characteristics of book culture are identified; the resultant concept of book culture provides an overview of the. Characteristics of book culture are identified; the resultant concept of book culture provides an overview of the values and myths ascribed to the book.

Furthermore, applied book promotion measures are analyzed for their effectiveness and best practice models. Since, in a context determined by culture and market, preservation and innovation, book promotion fulfills two functions: it is to protect the unique national characteristics of book culture as well as to support its continuous development. To adapt and to advance within a changing environment is critical to the survival of book culture in the digital reality. We will send you an SMS containing a verification code. Please double check your mobile number and click on "Send Verification Code".

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Thank You! Sports Women sports wear Men sportswear Women athlatic shoes Men athlatic shoes. The ultimate answer to diversity is individuality. And, more meaningful than any other label. In the end you are hiring a person, not a representative of any group. Ian Cluroe is Head of Marketing for Alexander Mann Solutions , a leading recruitment process outsourcing and talent acquisition consulting firm. It has to be integrated into the overall recruiting strategy. Jaime Baim Hansen is a writer, speaker, investor, and thought leader on diversity in business.

In an ironic twist, I find the single biggest challenge employers face around diversity is ultimately with company culture…. Examples include a culture that is young and hip, or more mature and serious; a culture can also be described as social, competitive, energetic and fun, etc.

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The very nature of diversity — bringing together people with different perspectives and experiences — can often make creating a culture that fits the majority very difficult. The good news is — this is a short-term problem that can be helped with intentional leadership. Demetria Miles-McDonald is an author, professional speaker, trainer, and Founder of Decide Diversity , a company focused on increasing the presence and effectiveness of women and minorities in leadership positions.

Demetria specializes in bringing the experiences of intersectional people to the forefront, to better understand the strengths they bring to the workplace. Looking at it as a single-dimension concept. Very few organizations have mastered diversity and inclusion because leaders are looking for solutions that increase the number of women.

Then, they create solutions to increase the number of African Americans or other races or ethnicities. Then, they create solutions to increase the number of people with disabilities.

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Yet, none of these solutions are befitting for an African American woman with a physical disability, who faces unique challenges due to her intersectional identity. Diversity is a multi-dimensional issue that leaders have transformed into over-arching, over-simplified stereotypes that leaves many behind.

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Ironic, right? It is time for leaders to shift their focus to intersectionality, or when a person identifies with more than one underrepresented or marginalized group. To accomplish this, leaders must first recognize their own intersectional identities. A nice tool to use is the Table of Diversity. This tool lists 18 different categories from which a person can choose the intersectional identities they associate themselves with. A few important questions to ask while determining your Diversity Formula is:. Once a leader understands their intersectional diversity, it is their responsibility to help other employees understand the intersectional diversity they and their colleagues possess.

Having this foundational understanding of who you are and who your colleagues are, opens the door for greater appreciation, collaboration, and innovation. This is the first step in encouraging people to truly bring their entire selves to work. Her most recent project is GlassSKY that is focused on empowering women, and the next generation of leaders.

Diversity comes in many forms. They scale back their talents. As well as getting them to work effectively with non-millennials and be patient when required. In our field, processing paperwork with insurance and doctors takes time. Our older employees understand that. But the millennials seem to have a harder time dealing with waiting and working through tougher cases. We have also seen that some, not all, expect to move up faster and get promotions faster with minimal work or going beyond the minimum level of expectation. Or that entry-level applicants expect to get paid the same or more as a seasoned therapist.

The solution is clear expectations, praise, and validation. Bruce Holoubek, MBA, is President and Co-owner of Contracted Leadership , a company that embeds one or more of its team of professionals in management positions within organizations that need their leadership services on a contract basis.

Bruce has become the expert that businesses turn to when they need to internally align their organization through organizational development, human resource management, and implementing processes and systems. The single biggest challenge that employers face with diversity in the workplace stems from….

A lack of effective internal communication regarding the importance and value of having a diverse team. If employers shift their mindset regarding diversity to view its positive aspect i. In addition, it is important that employers challenge leaders and recruiters within the organization to recognize their biases as best as they can so that they can approach hiring and managing from a more self-aware, conscientious standpoint.

As a result of these two shifts within an organization, diversity will be sought after and celebrated instead of seen as an obstacle. As a leading Banking and Financial Services Recruitment Agency in Dublin, Ireland, we see first-hand the challenges that many employers face with diversity in the workplace….

Naturally, when it comes to a professional environment, it is crucial for employers to recognize the significance of a dynamic workforce. While America may have paved the way in accomplishing a multiplicity of diversified workplaces, Ireland has also identified the need to highlight the importance of recruiting individuals from many different backgrounds and ethnicities. Although support and initiatives are in existence for maintaining a varied labor force, one of the biggest challenges employers now face is employee loss, in addition to a decrease in productivity and, in some cases, legal consequences.

Unfortunately, discrimination in the workplace is still happening in Ireland with the most recent case prosecuting Tennis Ireland on the grounds of age discrimination, following the appointment of their Chief Executive. In order to overcome the challenges of discrimination which lead to employee cessation, it is imperative that companies not only address the need for parity among their staff but also alter behaviour in some cases.

Challenges of Cultural Diversity

It is vital that organizations demonstrate a sense of commitment and initiative to sustaining equality within the workplace. Given that the average worker spends a third of their day at work, employers have the power to influence their employees. Beliefs are often led by good example from Senior Management; it should come from the top down. If it is company policy, which is often included in the Employee Handbook, then one needs to behave in an appropriate manner, respecting fellow colleagues.

Furthermore, it is important that the company policy is clear and is communicated to all staff in an efficient manner at the commencement of their employment. Team building days are a great positive way to help any team bond. More often than not, these days will typically test leadership, decision making, competitiveness and problem solving, uniting individuals as one in the process. A great way to incorporate team building exercises into the work force often is to pick a charity that your company feels strongly about and organise charity events around team building events throughout the year.

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  • As mentioned with the Tennis Ireland case, the recruitment process is one that is significant when ensuring equality and fairness is incorporated right through the hiring process from the sourcing of candidates to the on-boarding process of new recruits. It is crucial for employees to understand that hiring a dynamic workplace results in a wide range of possibilities and creativity.

    Failing to meet guidelines can result in legal actions and penalty fines. A great initiative that a company can take on board for their staff is offering a training scheme which caters towards the practice of addressing prejudice and discrimination as well as complaints from bullying or harassment. In addition to combatting these negative outcomes, training is also substantial in preventing these negative outcomes in the first place by helping employees understand the value of diversity and how it can be managed so everyone is included and feels understood.

    In the case that that triggers were thought to be harassment or victimization, employers will need this information to prosecute those who are instigators of such behaviour while also using this information to prevent such happenings from arising in the near future. Each company may act in very different ways but possessing this information gives an organization the power to make positive changes.

    Lisa co-founded AccuSource in and has a reputation for thought leadership in the employment screening industry.

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    • Under her leadership, AccuSource has experienced repetitive, annual double-digit growth. Her professional, forward-thinking approach has helped nurture her staff to grow, change and think globally.

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      All aspects of diversity in the workplace are important and crucial for employers to understand…. However, as we transition to a workforce dominated by younger generations, it is clearer than ever before that one of the greatest diversity challenges faced by employers is generational diversity. Simply put, many employers fail to recognize the generation gaps existent within their workplaces. With employees spanning across up to five different generations Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z , there have never been such stark differences between employees as there are now.

      These differences are felt most strongly in the workplace where practices, trainings, etc. For example, with startups, it is common for everything to be geared towards millennials; whereas a huge finance company may be more Baby Boomer-friendly. Ultimately, generational diversity poses many challenges and lends itself to missed opportunities for employers. However, employers can combat and overcome these challenges with the following steps:. Get to know employees, and identify company makeup.

      How many employees from each generation make up your workforce? Recognize the differences from one generation to another, and strive to understand what they mean to your organization. If Baby Boomers grew up with limited technology, what might this mean? Create opportunities for cross-generational mentoring, training and sharing; both across and up. How can Millennial A and Baby Boomer B collaborate to create a plan that is both cost-effective and on-par with current trends?

      Essentially, these four steps will afford employers the opportunity to truly get to know their workforce s , and use generational differences to their advantage. Rather than building a frustrating or segmented work environment, employers can leverage differences to create growth opportunities for all parties. Doing so will help mitigate on-the-job frustration, and will boost company morale significantly.