Manual Individual Differences and Personality

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Do personality traits predict the duration of a marriage? In the fourth part, students will focus on applications of personality theory and findings in practice. How is knowledge on personality and intelligence applied in clinical and organisational settings?

What kind of practical implications can be derived from personality research? Today, personality and intelligence research forms an important fundamental basis for the daily practice of psychologists. Psychologists select people for jobs based on personality and intelligence research. If psychologists treat mental disorders, they often first assess personality and intelligence of a patient. Knowledge on personality psychology and intelligence is therefore an important basis for every student who wants to work in fields such as clinical psychology, forensic psychology, educational psychology, or work and organisational psychology.

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Practical relevance: Today, personality and intelligence research forms an important fundamental basis for the daily practice of psychologists. Someone low in this dimension does not have a strong focus on self and does not see himself or herself as the focus of any particular situation. Someone high in narcissism might post 18 selfies a day online, while someone low on this dimension might never have put their phone into selfie mode. Someone high in psychopathy does not feel for others or care much about their welfare, while someone who is low in this trait cares for others genuinely and feels a great deal for them.

People high in Machiavellianism will only do the right thing by others to the extent that doing the right thing is beneficial for themselves. A boss who is high in Machiavellianism might give special favors to an employee who provides him or her with inside information on others in the workplace.

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A boss who is low in this dimension would make sure to treat all employees equally, regardless of just about any factor. A final foundational trait dimension in modern personality psychology is that of life history strategy see Figueredo et al. Someone who seems to anticipate a stable environment i. Someone with a slow life history strategy might wait to get married until the end of graduate school — and only then start thinking about having kids.

Variability in personality traits is one of the core ways that human uniqueness is expressed. While many important traits characterize who we are, the nine described here comprise foundational dimensions that have been shown to powerfully predict human behavior. Want to understand who someone is? You might be wise to think about where that person resides on these basic trait dimensions.

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Individual Differences

The "Big Five" factor taxonomy: Dimensions of personality in the natural language and in questionnaires. Pervin Ed. New York: Guilford. Jonason, P. Individual Differences Research, 11, Hi,I'm very glad to read it nd it help me to realize myself nd others. I like it,stayed bless.

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The SAGE Handbook of Personality and Individual Differences

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Follow me on Twitter. Friend me on Faceook. Individual Differences These 9 basic dimensions differentiate us from one another. References Figueredo , A. Larsen, R. Personality Psychology. New York: McGraw Hill.

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