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Magnolia acuminata L. Figlar Magnolia ashei Weath. Magnolia biondii Pamp. Magnolia blumei Prantl Magnolia campbellii Hook. Figlar Magnolia champaca L. Magnolia compressa Maxim. Magnolia cylindrica E.

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Wilson Magnolia delavayi Franch. Magnolia denudata Desr. Magnolia doltsopa Buch. Figlar Magnolia ernestii Figlar Magnolia figo Lour. Magnolia guatemalensis Donn. Magnolia hybr. Magnolia laevifolia Y. Wu Noot. Magnolia lanuginosa Wall. Magnolia liliifera L. Magnolia liliiflora Desr.

Magnolia mexicana DC. Magnolia obovata Thunb. Wilson Magnolia platyphylla Merr. Magnolia pterocarpa Roxb.

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Magnolia pubescens Merr. Magnolia pyramidata W. Bartram Magnolia rostrata W.

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Wilson Magnolia schiedeana Schltdl. Magnolia sharpii Miranda Magnolia sieboldii K. Magnolia splendens Urb. Magnolia sprengeri Pamp. Magnolia tamaulipana A. Magnolia tsiampacca L. Magnolia vrieseana Miq. Rehder Magnolia yoroconte Dandy Magnolia zenii W. Tsoong Magnolia allenii Standl. Field Mus. Cheng, Contrib. Kumar Magnolia ashtonii Dandy ex Noot.

Law, R. Liu Magnolia beccarii Ridl. Magnolia betongensis Craib H. Keng Magnolia bidoupensis Q. Vu Magnolia bintuluensis A. Agostini Noot. Dandy Magnolia boliviana M. Nee Govaerts Magnolia borneensis Noot. Magnolia caveana Hook. Govaerts Magnolia champaca L. Kumar Magnolia chimantensis Steyerm.

Chen Figlar Magnolia coronata M. Serna, C. Law V. Kumar Magnolia cristalensis Bisse Magnolia cubensis Urb. Klotz, Wiss.

Wilson Magnolia dandyi Gagnep. Wilson Magnolia decidua Q. Zheng V. Kumar Magnolia delavayi Franch. Govaerts Magnolia doltsopa Buch. Figlar Magnolia domingensis Urb. Hu Magnolia duperreana Pierre Magnolia ekmanii Urb. Huang Magnolia emarginata Urb. Kumar Magnolia figo Lour. Dandy Magnolia flaviflora Y. Figlar Magnolia fordiana Oliv. Song V. Bartram Pamp. Zheng Figlar Magnolia fulva Hung T. Wu ex Y. Cheng V. Kumar Magnolia griffithii Hook.

Yan, Q. Xing Noot. Molina Vazquez Magnolia guerrerensis J. Keng Magnolia hongheensis Y. Chen V. Chao, D. Sun Magnolia kachirachirai Kaneh. Figlar Magnolia kobus DC. Figlar Magnolia krusei J. Figlar Magnolia laevifolia Y. Tsoong Magnolia lucida B. Yang V. Fu, T. Chen Noot. Kumar Magnolia obovata Thunb. Zhou, Bull. Cheng Dandy Magnolia opipara Hung T. Chen Sima Magnolia ovata A. France Belgique , publ.

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Kumar Magnolia sabahensis Dandy ex Noot. Wilson Magnolia schiedeana Schltl. Govaerts Magnolia sharpii V. Wu Figlar Magnolia siamensis Dandy H. Keng Magnolia sieboldii K. Keng Magnolia sinica Y. Law Noot. Chen Magnolia sirindhorniae Noot. Wu Sima Magnolia splendens Urb. Tiep V. Kumar Magnolia villosa Miq. Keng Magnolia virginiana L. Zhao, W. Chen Magnolia xanthantha C. Wu Figlar Magnolia xiana Noot. Kumar Magnolia zenii W. Xia Noot. Magnolia amazonica Ducke Govaerts Magnolia amoena W. Cheng Magnolia angatensis Blanco Magnolia angustioblonga Y.

Magnolia baillonii Pierre Magnolia balansae A. Magnolia banghamii Noot. Magnolia bankardiorum M. Jim goes to the apartment of Claudia Wilson. Claudia's neighbors called the police after she had an argument with her estranged father, children's game show host Jimmy Gator, and then blasted music while snorting cocaine. Unaware of her addiction, Jim is attracted to her and prolongs the visit.

He asks her on a date that night, to which she says yes. Jimmy hosts a long-running quiz show called What Do Kids Know? That night the newest child prodigy on the show, Stanley Spector, takes the lead as the show begins. He is hounded by his father for the prize money and demeaned by the surrounding adults, who refuse to let him use the bathroom during a commercial break. When the show resumes, he wets himself and freezes, humiliated when everyone realizes what happened. As the show continues an inebriated Jimmy sickens, and he orders the show to go on after he collapses onstage.

But after Stanley's father berates him for freezing on air, Stanley runs away from the studio. He is obsessed with getting oral surgery, thinking he will land the man of his dreams after he gets braces. He hatches a plan to get back at his boss by stealing the money he needs for his braces.

The show's former producer, Earl Partridge, is also dying of cancer. Earl's trophy wife , Linda, collects his prescriptions for morphine while he is cared for by a nurse, Phil Parma. Earl asks Phil to find his estranged son, Frank Mackey, a motivational speaker peddling a pickup artist course to men. Frank is in the midst of an interview with a journalist who reveals that she knows Frank had to take care of his dying mother after Earl abandoned the family.

An angry Frank storms out of the interview when Phil gets through to him. Linda goes to see Earl's lawyer, begging him to change Earl's will. She admits she married Earl for his money, but now loves him and does not want it. The lawyer suggests she renounce the will and refuse the money, which would go to Frank.

Linda rejects his advice and leaves in a rage. Linda berates Phil for seeking out Frank, but later apologizes. She then drives to a vacant parking lot and washes down handfuls of prescription medicine with alcohol. Dixon finds Linda in her car, near death, and calls an ambulance after taking money from her purse. Before his date with Claudia, Jim takes fire during a pursuit and loses his gun. When he meets Claudia they promise to be honest with each other, so he confesses his ineptitude as a cop and admits he has not been on a date since he was divorced three years earlier.

Claudia says he will hate her because of her problems, but Jim assures her that her past does not matter. They kiss, but she runs off. Jimmy goes home to his wife, Rose, and confesses that he cheated on her. She asks why Claudia does not talk to him, and Jimmy admits that Claudia believes he molested her. Rose demands to know if it is true, but Jimmy says he cannot remember if he committed the abuse. Rose tells Jimmy he deserves to die alone and walks out on him.

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As he drives away, he decides to return the money, but discovers he cannot get back in as his key broke off in the lock. While climbing a utility pole to get on the roof, he is seen by a passing Jim. Suddenly, frogs begin falling from the sky , with multiple consequences: as Jimmy is about to shoot himself, frogs fall through his skylight, causing him to shoot the TV, which sets his house on fire; Rose crashes her car in front of Claudia's apartment, but makes it inside and reconciles with her daughter; Earl is awakened by the sound and sees Frank beside him before dying; Linda's ambulance crashes in front of the emergency room; and Donnie is knocked from the pole, smashes his teeth, and is dragged to safety by Jim.

Jim counsels Donnie and helps him return the money; his gun also mysteriously falls from the sky. Frank goes to the hospital to be with Linda, who will recover from her attempted suicide. Stanley returns home and tells his father that he needs to be nicer to him, but his father just tells him to go to bed. Jim goes to see Claudia, telling her he wants to make things work between them, and she smiles in reply.

Anderson started to get ideas for Magnolia during the long editing period of Boogie Nights As he started writing, the script "kept blossoming" and he realized that there were many actors he wanted to write for and then decided to put "an epic spin on topics that don't necessarily get the epic treatment".

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The first image he had for the film was the smiling face of actress Melora Walters. Anderson imagined Hall walking up the steps of Walters' apartment and having an intense confrontation with her. Before Anderson became a filmmaker, one of the jobs he had was as an assistant for a television game show, Quiz Kid Challenge , an experience he incorporated into the script for Magnolia. Anderson and New Line reportedly had intense arguments about how to market Magnolia.

Anderson ended up designing his own poster, cut together a trailer himself, [4] wrote the liner notes for the soundtrack album, and pushed to avoid hyping Cruise's presence in the film in favor of the ensemble cast. I was a bit of a baby. At the first moment of conflict, I behaved in a slightly adolescent knee-jerk way.

I just screamed. Anderson is known for his use of long takes in his films, moving along considerable distances with complex pivoting movements and transitions in actors and background. By the time he started writing the script, Anderson was listening to Aimee Mann 's music. In particular, Mann's song "Deathly", on her album Bachelor No. The character of Jim Kurring originated in the summer of when actor John C. Reilly grew a mustache out of interest and started putting together an unintelligent cop character.

Actress Jennifer Jason Leigh made an appearance in one of these videos.

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Some of Kurring's dialogue came from these sessions. Can't you give me something I can relate to, like falling in love with a girl? For Philip Seymour Hoffman , Anderson wanted him to play a "really simple, uncomplicated, caring character". According to the actress, "Linda doesn't know who she is or what she's feeling and can only try to explain it in the most vulgar terms possible".

Macy, Anderson felt that the actor was scared of big, emotional parts and wrote for him, "a big tearful, emotional part". While convincing Philip Baker Hall to do the film by explaining the significance of the rain of frogs, the actor told him a story about when he was in the mountains of Italy and got caught in bad weather—a mix of rain, snow and tiny frogs. Hall had to pull off the road until the storm passed.

After Anderson finished the script, he sent Cruise a copy and the next day, the actor called him. Cruise was interested but nervous about the role. They met with Cruise along with De Luca who helped convince the actor to do the film. Mackey, the character that Cruise would play in the film, was based in part on an audio-recording done in an engineering class taught by a friend that was given to Anderson. The Gartner document is available upon request from Magnolia. Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings or other designation.

Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner's research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

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