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What is Speed Mentoring, you might ask. Speed mentoring is essentially a series of brief, focused discussions around specific themes or questions. The goal is to connect students with faculty members and to identify potential mentors. To start off, mentors briefly introduced themselves to each group, providing essentially an elevator pitch — their name and area of work. Mentees then asked mentors either their own questions or questions from a list provided to them to prompt discussion. The prompts were aimed at extracting unique experiences at every level of academic growth.

Examples covered topics such as challenges mentors faced, their own experiences finding mentors, and advice on time management and choosing specialties. Women, specifically, find it more challenging than their male counterparts to identify mentors and to develop relationships with mentors due to time constraints and personal responsibilities.

First Year Nurse Retention Toolkit | Advisory Board

This is amplified for women physicians in male-dominated career fields, such as surgery, anesthesiology, or emergency medicine. Many sources, such as this Guide for Medical Faculty , show that women tend to seek less mentoring and gain less from their mentor-mentee relationship than male counterparts. We know that if a mentoring relationship is successful, it can serve as a critical launch pad to a successful career in leadership.

Speed mentoring events can facilitate the development of connections that help develop women leaders. A speed mentoring event provides a structured opportunity to spark connections that can be nurtured over time, and to create a time and place for attendees to seek out and connect with individuals in a fast-paced manner.

Mentoring Physicians and Nurse Practitioners in Value-Based Healthcare

Frequently a brief meeting is enough time for individuals to identify if a natural affinity and connection exists to take the conversation to the next level. Medical students found the event particularly useful.

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Earthquakes in Canada: The impact of climate change on seismic activity. Snow days may increase hospital admissions, death due to MI. Ice Storm - Update and Lessons Learned.

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Wells and Surface Flooding. Synopsis of the Symposium on The Saguenay Flood. Post-traumatic stress disorder: After the flood in Saguenay. Canadian glaciers play big role in global sea level rise. Taking Action on Asthma. Direct and indirect costs of asthma in Canada, Ontario's Climate Change Adaptation Approach.

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Ontario Climate Change Action Plan Ontario Emergency Response Plan. Climate Change Leadership Plan - August Mosquitos and West Nile Virus. New research helps Calgary and Edmonton plan for climate change impacts. Manitoba Emissions, Impacts, and Solutions. Canada's Marine Coasts in a Changing Climate. Enhancing the sustainability and climate resiliency of health care facilities: a comparison of initiatives and toolkits.

Managing adaptation to environmental change in coastal communities: Canada and the Caribbean. Mass budget of the glaciers and ice caps of the Queen Elizabeth Islands, Canada, from to Electric vehicle charging stations at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

Ecohealth: What's in a Green Space that makes us feel so good? Illustrates the relationship between human and environmental health. Atmospheric CO2 levels accelerate upwards, smashing records National Observer, What does climate change have to do with health care? Forbes, Heatwaves, medication a dangerous concoction.

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When a tornado strikes a hospital : National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA investigates what makes hospitals vulnerable when severe weather strikes. Health in the Green Economy: Co-benefits to health of climate change mitigation. Integration of resilience and sustainability: from theory to application UK. Disaster resilience in tertiary hospitals: a cross-sectional survey in Shandong Province, China.

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What is Climate Change Resiliency Mentoring? Climate Change Impacts are Here Now! Climate change poses real risks to all Canadians and health care facilities: Infrastructure Impacts: More extreme weather events can damage infrastructure and physical plant operations, compromise access to supplies, food, and water, and endanger the safety of patients, visitors, and staff.

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Climate Change Documents and Resources. What are the benefits of participating in Climate Change Resiliency Mentoring? Participation is FREE.