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What kind of radiation do we emit? Because humans are made mostly out of really dense matter water, bones, etc. Fortunately they gave us T in Kelvin already, so we can just plug it in:. Looking on a diagram of the electromagnetic spectrum like the one on p.

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First of all, to start fusion, the material needs to be very hot. Think about the definition of temperature as the speed with which atoms and molecules in a material are moving around. The hotter the gas, the faster the molecules are going. This is important because to overcome the force repelling two positive hydrogen nuclei really just two protons so they can fuse, they need to hit each other at huge speeds.

Anyway, they have to be really going fast in order that they can get close enough together that an even stronger, attractive force known creatively as the "strong force" pulls them together and they fuse into a helium nucleus. The second condition is that the material has to be very dense. By making the material denser, you increase the probability that the protons will run into each other at all. So you need something really dense, with lots and lots of nuclei around, before you get enough of them running into each other to get a reasonable rate of fusion.

So where in the Sun do these two conditions meet up? As you get closer and closer to the center of the Sun, the amount of stuff pressing inward due to gravity, which wants to make everything collapse into a point at the center gets larger and larger, so the pressure and therefore the density goes up. The temperature goes up as well - based on what we know about gases, pressure and temperature are proportional to one another. In fact, the temperature at the very center of our Sun is only around 15 million Kelvin, so only right at the center is it hot enough and dense enough for fusion to occur.

This question is best addressed by examining the formula found in By the Numbers on p. This formula is also known as the Stefan-Boltzmann Law. Each pair of parentheses encloses a meaningful unit of this formula. The first one is the surface area of the star; the second is the energy per unit area per unit time emitted by a blackbody. Also remember that the word "luminosity" refers to the total energy output of the star, per unit time. The Crossover: The Graphic Novel.

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