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Their model offers a unified approach to the wide variety of issues associated with zoning, environmental and safety regulations, historic landmark designation, requirements to provide access for the disabled, and many other public restrictions on private land use. In addition to their economic analysis, they review key elements of the case law and legal literature on regulatory takings. They also develop and simulate a model showing that state grants to local governments, intended to reduce local fiscal pressure to permit more development, may actually result in more land being zoned for development and a reduction in open space.

An econometric analysis of fiscal data and satellite-image land use data for Connecticut towns further attests to the policy problem illustrated by the simulations. Professor Kanda Naknoi had a very busy month of May. Coral reefs under rapid climate change and ocean acidification.

The Oxford Handbook of Post Keynesian Economics, Volume 2 Critiques and Methodology Oxford Handbooks

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"Stigmatized Sites and Urban Brownfield Redevelopment" by Joel B. Eisen

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Agricultural Economics, Farming and Climate Change

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Land Use, Climate Change and Ecosystem Services

Journal of Environmental Planning and Management 49 4 : Cropping activities in agricultural sector models: A methodological proposal. Price endogenous mathematical programming as a tool for sector analysis. Montgomery, D. Soil erosion and agricultural sustainability. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Moss, B. Water pollution by agriculture. Mu, J. Adaptation to climate change: Land use and livestock management in the U. Pattanayak, S. McCarl, A. Sommer, B. Murray, T. Bondelid, D. Gillig, and B. We have a wide range of , ebooks in our portfolio and the number of titles are increasing daily.

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